This is the final page of Dungeons & Denizens.

There are a few unresolved plotlines, and sometimes that’s just the way it is. Sometimes things don’t get resolved, but after 16 chapters and a few bonus comics, I think we had a great run.

John had this to say:

“Thanks so much to everyone who followed the strip and supported us with kind words and praise. And thanks to Greg for giving me the opportunity to work with him on this project, which helped me learn so much. I feel I’ve grown as an artist because of it, and had a lot of fun drawing Min, Gazdar, Litchvell, and the whole gang of denizens.

“Thank you all for the great time.”

And I’d like to thank WebTroll for the sketches that started the hilarious journey of writing this comic and John for drawing the darned thing for so long. Also included are the wonderful people at FurPlanet and the readers who told us how much they loved Donna & Diana. Seriously, I never thought writing about a two-headed hellhound on the side of Good could be so much fun.

Thanks for all the fun, gang.

Graveyard Greg